Wooden Tie Design (Indian Craft)

Kolkata, India. (2005)


Guide : Kuber Kumar Sircar (Craft Specialist)

Role : Intern (For the purpose of learning the craft)

Project Description : This was a 2 week summer internship done with a crafts specialist in Kolkata, India. The intention was to document the craft and learn the unique art of wooden tie making. This tie was fully hand crafted and was made by joining multiple segments with wire rivets which gave it the flexibility needed for practical wearing purpose. 


The Design process

The process was taught to me in great detail. It starts with procurement of wooden blocks from the local vendor. It is then cut diagonally to obtain 2 volumes of ties out of the block. The outline of the tie is then traced on the block. The desired shape is then carved out by a machine. Sanding and buffering further gives the tie its preliminary shape.

Aesthetic detailing is then hand carved on the tie body followed by the use of paint and other embellishments.

Once the final block of the tie is ready, it is then divided into smaller segments with the help of a machine. These individual parts are then riveted by a steel pin at the overlapping ends to create a hinge and add flexibility to the final product.