Television Projects


LG lineup of sound focus televisions

During my tenure in LG, i got the opportunity to design many televisions. Most of them were sound focussed television models, popularly known as the Jazz lineup of LG Televisions. Audio has always been an important element in the lives of Indian people. From our festivals to daily lives, songs and music have always been an integral part of our culture. Celebrating that element through better quality of sound and clarity was identified as one of the biggest insights in all our research. Showcased below are some images of the sound focussed televisions projects.





Industrial Design


Design Research, Sketching, 3D Modeling, Rendering, Mockup supervision


Chetan Sorab               


22" LG Monitor Television

Date of Launch : January 2014

It was a 22 inches television which can be doubled as a computer monitor. A metaphor of sound ripples was used to highlight the exemplary sound output of the television.


32" Acoustic Reflector TV

Date of Launch : January 2014

This project was an India Insight Project which again highlighted the sound quality of the television. Most televisions have bottom firing speakers which do not direct the sound towards the viewer. We provided acoustic reflectors at the bottom of our television (similar to the louvers of split AC) which would open up and come down as soon as the tv is switched on. The sound now is directed towards the user creating a beautiful dynamic metaphor of sound.


21" CRT Television

Date of Launch : July 2010

This was my first project in my professional career. The brief was to create a competitive CRT television which looks as premium as the emerging LCD TVs. The television was characterized by slimmer bezel and an ornate thin neck stand design to imitate the look of a LTVs.