TI Cycles of India, Chennai. (2008)


Guide : Vasant Dewaji (TI Cycles of India), Pradyumna Vyas, (National Institute of Design), Krishnesh Mehta (National Institute of Design)

Role & Involvement : Industrial Design Intern (Research, Market Survey, Design Direction, Sketching, Modelling & Rendering, Prototype making supervision, Documentation of the Process)

Project Brief : This was my Final Year Graduation Project of the NID curriculum and was done with TI Cycles of India (Chennai). The brief of the project was to create a bicycle for the teenage boys in India. It had to be easy to ride and had to adhere to their contemporary needs.


Final Year Project documentation

The project was completed in a duration of 8 months in the city of Chennai. Being an academic project, it covered every process in great detail. All of which was later documented in a journal which was to be evaluated by a jury for my Graduation Degree. It was a great learning experience where I could see my idea from paper to finally translating into a true scale prototype. All those learning and memories have been documented in great detail in this journal.


Survey Methodology

The project needed a lot of information collection from the consumer segment from all demographics. The chart shown below explains the methodology adopted for the same.


design process

Questionnaires, Intense brainstorming sessions, analysis of data and mood boards were created to understand the untapped needs and desires of this segment.


Design Grammar & Value Addition

New tools like sketching out the Design grammar from the mood boards helped to translate the character into curves, and hence into the final product.


3D Modelling & Hypershot Renders

The cycle was modelled in Rhinoceros and renders in Hypershot.


Full Scale Mock up Making

The final design was then translated into a 1:1 scale mock up. The hydro forming tubes were replicated by clay and plaster of paris and handcrafted into the final design. It was an extremely enriching experience to see the design finally taking up physical shape.

User Feedback

The final prototype was later brought to NID for evaluation and feedback from the actual user segment. The bicycle had a sporty look with angular lines characterizing its design. Special accessories were also designed to help the boys carry their cricket bats and school bags. The bicycle design encapsulated the aspiration of the consumers to own a vehicle which is dynamic and adds to the their aggressive sporty image.